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Natalie Herbert

Natalie's signature style is best described as modern, organic, and textural. The hallmark of a NHD space is an effortless ease that inspires simplicity. Natalie has developed that aesthetic and honed her skills over the course of more than 10 years managing renovations and home projects. Even before then, creating beautiful spaces has always been an integral part of Natalie's life, ultimately leading her to study interior design at Ryerson University. In addition to her history with design, she also has a background in Environmental Science, which informs many of the decisions she makes concerning practices and materials. Natalie resides in Toronto with her family. 


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Design is personal. Inviting someone into your home and allowing them to help you curate the backdrop of your days requires a certain amount of trust. At Natalie Herbert Design, we prioritize connecting with our clients and studying the rituals that make up their life.  

If you look through our portfolio, you will notice that our style is less about how a space looks and more about how it feels. We love to see clients thrive in a home that is organized, intentional, and completely tailored to them. We love the process—and we're good at it, too—so you can enjoy watching the best version of your home come to life while we manage the details. We cannot wait to learn more about you and your home.

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Our Work

Modern. Minimal. Deeply Personal.

The homes we design are made for living.

Our work is all about finding the balance between beauty and function.

We take a holistic approach to design. Every space is the sum of countless decisions. Our job is to channel our experience and expertise to guide you through those to your ideal home.

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